Tips on Xiaomi products: pets and practical display

2022-05-07 08:23:19 By : Ms. Alina Li

Follow us on social networks >>It's Sunday, so you can of course count on a regular dose of our tips on interesting Xiaomi products.If you have a four-legged friend at home, we have prepared two interesting products that you may appreciate.You will also find a practical set here, thanks to which you will get a pedicure or a small mixer.The Xiaomi Smart Cat Toy is a balloon that will either scare your cat or be willing to play with it for tens of minutes.Similar things worked for our cat, but we saw a lot of much more playful cats who had a lot of fun with a similar thing.If, like us, you go for smoothies, it may be worth trying the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Mixer, thanks to which you can mix and drink all kinds of fruits straight away.But it is a classic mixer, so you can easily make a milkshake and other delicacies in it.The Xiaomi Portable Nail Clipper Set is a basic set that most men can handle.So if you don't like a pedicure and would like to exchange your 10-year-old and rusty scissors, this is an interesting choice for a few crowns.Xiaomi Miaomiaoce E-ink LCD Large Digital Display is a simple display that you can place wherever you need.You can monitor the current room temperature, humidity and also the time.Xiaomi Mijia Kitten Puppy Pet Water Dispenser is a water fountain that pets generally like.They prefer to drink from it rather than from a classic bowl, which we can confirm.One of the members of our family made the cat drink much more thanks to a similar product.Some links to stores may contain an so-called affiliate parameter, thanks to which the editors will receive a small fraction of the sale price.However, the final amount is not affected by such a link and the products are in no case collected according to the amount of the commission.By purchasing through these links, you support the operation of the Android World.Thank you for your understanding.His first phone was the iPhone 3G.He has remained with Apple to this day, but he is also interested in other technologies, including Android.He likes sports and more about the authorTurn on javascript to load commentsOnly fill in if you are not humanThe largest Czech magazine focused on the Android operating system.Follow us on social networks >>