The 10 Best Manicure Sets 2022 to Use At Home

2022-05-14 22:52:50 By : Ms. Bella Zhao

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Just in case you want to cut down on your biweekly trips to the salon.

Knowing how to trim, shape, and paint your nails can be a complete lifesaver. Whether you want to cut back on biweekly trips to the salon and brush up on your skills as a DIY queen, the best manicure sets will have you achieving pro-level manis without venturing outside to your fave nail tech. If the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us how to get comfortable with doing our go-to salon treatments at home.

Manicure sets are the perfect way to make sure your nails stay on point all the time, and there's a manicure set to suit your needs, too. No matter if you're into lengthy acrylic tips (🙋🏾‍♀️) or like to keep this short and sweet with maintenance and a clear topcoat, you can do as much or as little as you'd like. Ahead, find 10 of the best manicure sets to help achieve salon-quality nails at home.

Maintenance is so important when it comes to nail health. This Sephora set comes equipped with everything to make sure your nails are cut, filed, and shaped. It even comes equipped with a tool to help trim cuticles.

Is anybody else a sucker for adorable packaging? This cherry-printed manicure purse allows you to give your nails some TLC in style.

There's no denying it, dip powder is a quick, efficient way to get a manicure. Nailboo's pro kit comes equipped with all the products needed to achieve the sleekest manicure. Even better, Nailboo drops new colors every month.

Is it really nail care if you neglect your cuticles? Deborah Lippmann came through with a cuticle remover, repair cream, and cuticle pusher to help transform dry, brittle cuticles.

If you're trying to strengthen nails and combat dry cuticles, Nail Tek's Nail Recovery Kit has you covered. It works to restore damaged nails and give cuticles the TLC they need to flourish.

Nail emergencies can happen anywhere, that's why it's important to keep a travel kit handy. This adorable set from Nailed It comes equipped with everything you need to revive your nails when you're on the go.

Acrylic stans, our time has come! This kit comes equipped with all the tools you'll need to make the Frenchies of your dreams come to life.

Can we talk about manicures and not mention gel manis? This bb, courtesy of Sally Hansen, provides all the goodies you need to have a smudge-proof mani.

Does it get any more convenient than press-ons? This 9-piece system from Olive and June comes equipped with everything you need to prep, apply, and remove your favorite sets.

Storage is a huge concern for most beauty enthusiasts. I mean, who wants all of their must-have products just laying around out of order? This Caboodles Train Case can help conceal your go-to products and keep them organized.