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2022-05-14 22:55:47 By : Ms. Kelsi Yan

Summer nails are happy nails that are decorated with happy colors and pretty designs. If you are looking to upgrade your manicure game this season, here are 15 cool summer nail colors to try!

Got a bag full of nail polishes with half of it dried up, a few broken and the rest that is just boring? Well, we feel you girl! We too often buy nail polishes only to see them sit there and dry. But this summer, let's spruce up our style and try out some cool nail colors. We bring to you a curated list of trending summer nail colors that are everything fun and fab! From peppy party hues to glittery nudes, get them all here!

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How to apply nail color without any flaws?

My shivery hands often find it hard to paint my nails without smudging it or causing a mess. Through the years of trial and error, I bring to you a few tips that’ll help you ace the art of coloring your nails flawlessly. Firstly, always make sure to apply a dual base layer coat to prevent your nail polish from chipping or peeling off easily. The base coat also gives a smooth texture to apply the next layer easily. To get the paint’s true color, add a layer of white nail polish first, and then go over it with your colored polish. This will help bring out the true color of your polish. Unless you’re a pro nail artist, feel free to get help with molds and stickers. You can also use eyeliner as a nail art tool.

These dashing colors give summer vibes with their bright and cheerful looks. You probably might have found the signature shade that you have been rocking for the past few consecutive weeks but in the wise words of Drake, "YOLO,” so try out new shades, experiment with new styles and make the most out of this summer with cool nail paint and art! So here are 15 dope summer nail colors to let your nails win in style.

1. Summer splash Jinsoon Nail Polish

In summer 2022, your light, neutral colors are on the back burner in favor of brighter, lighter hues in every color of the rainbow. Here’s a pretty party shade that you‘ll definitely love. A mix of pink, coral, and red symbolizes fun, pride, creativity and independence. This glossy and long-lasting shade looks professional and striking, but it doesn’t feel too out there. It's a snazzy shade that has feminine charms and It's a classic, glamorous, and powerful color that will surely play up your glam style.

Neon hues are winning the season. This neon green nail paint will be a statement-making nail color that will grab all attention to your hands and feet. It can even add oomph to your basic outfit and up your style. The shade will surely get you in the mood to get ready for party nights or dinner dates. It’s the perfect shade to live your life out loud and is made of natural resin which is harmless and non-toxic. While applying, make sure they are dry and clean, the thinner, the better, or it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off.

3. Glitter Gold Nail Polish 

Summer is all about glitter energy! This glitter gold nail polish is exactly that luxe shade that will make you look ready and set in no time. It complements your all styles and will make your nails shine. You just got some new jewelry, but your outfit still just isn't there. Two coats of this shimmer will complement your new metal. Before applying, take a skin test and wait for minutes to check for any allergies. Remove it immediately if redness or any other signs of adverse reactions occur.

4. Rainbow Glitter  Nail Color

When we speak about summer bold, vibrant, fun colors that feel warm come to mind first. And this rainbow glitter nail color is exactly that! These confetti-like party nails scream summer romance in the colors of the rainbow. This fun and fabulous summer nail color vibe the Y2K trend which is coming back on trend this year. Its gorgeous finish nail color features multi-color dot pop speckles in a matte finish and is a great one to try out for a youthful and high-fashion spirited look.

5. Nail Art Gel Liner (Set-6)

Summer nails are not just about pop colors and peppy polishes but also about the design and aesthetic patterns on them. Drawing in cute graphics or caricatures and layering multiple shades are few nail art trends that are ruling this summer. To ace these beautiful designs one should always have gel liners handy. They are perfect for those trendy squiggly lines of abstract painting that are so popular now. The 6-piece classic nude neutral gel polish colors are made from 9 toxin-free ingredients which make it safe and have low odor.

6. Neon Orange Matte Nail Color

Going forward, you’ll see a lot of orange this season. We’re loving this neon shade for summer, especially with a little extra glow to our skin after all this gloomy weather. This, full coverage, matte nail paint incorporates a trendy look with professional quality. It's a fancy shade that will brighten up your summer style and give you that fun and youthful energy. The peppy orange hue will make your nails look lengthy and in shape.

7.  Lacquer Red Nail Color

Red is the spirit of all seasons. This color will always be a classic, but for summer, we’re excited for it to be a little brighter and more neon. We've seen it on celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Saweetie, and Selena Gomez. And our nails are ready to be painted red! Grab these fantastic, super-bright red nails by clicking the buy button right below. They last up to 2 to 3 weeks without chipping and dry in no time!

8. Peppy Pink Summer Nail Color

Pink is a whole mood! Wear a monochromatic look and paint your nails pink, it's a winning style! Style up in a multi color co-ord set or a funky printed dress and paint your nails pink, it's still a winning style. Therefore, we think pink is a riskless nail color that will bring out the party animal in you! Get ready for the compliments to roll in with the brand's most durable nail polish formula ever with high gloss shine and long-lasting effect.

Here’s yet another shade of pink. This summer we are letting the blush pink hues take a back seat for a bit and lean into something brighter like neon or hot pink. If you want to be an early adopter on the trend, this nail color is extra cool and still quite unique.This unique formula delivers a cutting edge resin technology to improve lacquer adhesion and wearability. These grips nail lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion.

Always trust on neutral hues to look classy and chic! If you aren't a fan of the bright summer colors, this nude hue should be your pick to make your nails look polished and perfect. Luckily, this summer, we’re seeing it trending as many celebrities let their nails take a backseat with nude shade and let their outfit do all the talking. It's a nice hue to feel summery without too much of a commitment. 

Florals and vibrant hues rule the summer nail color trend. Apart from painting your nails, if you love to add some fun sprint to it with nail stickers, this is the one for you! They are great for your fingernails and toenails decorations. These stickers can last for a long time and keep their luster at the same time if you paste them in the correct way. You can apply a top coat to protect the nail sticker. It's a must-buy product for every nail art enthusiast.

12. Reflective Shiny Gel Polish Set

Here's a hot pink number that oozes the summer energy. This is not your typical pink, though it's a pink made unique with cool undertones. It features a sparkling disco effect and this is exactly what we call ‘party on the nails.’ Use your nail file to file the edge of your nails to your desired shape and apply two coats of this dashing glittery pink nail color, then cure under UV lamp for 1-2 minutes. Prepare to be flooded with compliments!

13. Lime Green Summer Nail Color

Think about cold lime juice on a hot summer day. Yes, that's the exact feeling that this vibrant summer nail color gives us. The shade makes a statement all its own, which is why we also love it on the feet. It's got a super cool sheen and a  glossy finish that adds up the summer vibes. You can slay this color with any outfit of your choice and its shade is sure going to grab all eyes. If this vivid polish that resembles the citrus is just a tad too much, then ease into the color with something a little darker and create an interesting art on your nails.

This is sunrise on your nails and a subtle shimmer that calls for party vibes. The gorgeous color will complement all skin tones and has an eye-grabbing sass that will leave everyone stunned just by looking at your nails. This polish strikes the right balance between sophisticated and fun, and it looks great both on fingers and peeking out of sandals-it’s like summer nails in a bottle. 

A vibrant yellow manicure will surely brighten up your day! They’re so fresh and modern and give us summer-ready vibes. It's a mood booster shade that will make sure you have no dull days with this shade on your nails. It evokes a new spirit of optimism and resilience. This lemon yellow gel polish needs to be cured under UV/LED lamp,it can't dry by air. We highly recommend 60 seconds curved with LED lamp.

While proper diet, hygiene and consistency are the key, here are a few tips to maintain a healthy nail care routine. There’s a special kind of power in having healthy, strong nails, whether you work the nail colors or not! It starts with proper cleansing and moisturizing your nails. When applying hand lotion, give your nails a little extra attention. It’s common practice to cut, push back, or try to get rid of cuticles altogether, but they are just the nail’s natural protective seal. So stop messing with it. The best nail care is gentle care. So it's advised not to dig underneath the nails to get the dirt out with a nail file.

When your nails are in good health, it's easier to decorate them with colors and stickers and give them the beauty they deserve. We hope the above-mentioned summer nail colors will help you to give spruce up the summer energy and amp up your nail art designs. These vibrant and shimmery nail colors will definitely cheer up your mood and also elevate your style quotient. 

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