Nail dipping powder is a great way to enjoy fuss-free nail paint experience

2022-05-14 22:54:10 By : Mr. Gavin Zhang

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Beautifully painted nails are one of the biggest fantasies of most women. Nail polishes and paints have a way of making hands and fingers look elegant and feminine. Even if your home schedule includes washing clothes and cleaning utensils, try this trick - wash your hands, moisturize them, file your nails and then colour them - you will see how not only do they look beautiful, the entire process will boost your spirits too.

However, many may find the entire drill too cumbersome and prefer visiting a salon or parlour for it. With coronavirus pandemic still around us, stepping out may not be the safest options. Ordering home a manicure kit would be the best.  There is, of course, another aspect to it. Nail polish can get messy while application if the person applying it doesn't have steady hands. Not to worry as there is help around - nail dipping powers. Simply dip your nails and forget the rest!

In case, you are in the mood to experience, here is a list to choose from. Online platforms offer great variety.

1) Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit 6 Colors With Glitter Dip Powders  

This nail dipping powder starter kit is easy to use, even for beginners. It just needs a three-step dipping liquid to apply. This dip powder is made from healthy ingredients and comes with a nail protection formula. It is a healthy and low-odour product, which has been made without using harsh chemicals. It also prevents nails from chipping and cracking and causes no harm to the nail beds. It doesn't need a nail lamp to cure.

This powder can keep nails shiny-looking for more than two weeks. Here's what the kit contains - six jar of coloured powders - (0.35oz/each jar), a bottle of base coat, activator, top coat (0.34 fl oz/each bottle); cuticle pusher, nail dust brush; replacement brush; nail file and buffers.  2) Aikker 12 Glitter Color Dip Powder Nail Kit Gift Set with Recycling Tray Brush File for Winter Party AK16  

This is an acrylic nail colour kit which contains the following - 12 colour powder, one recycling tray, one dust brush and one nail file. With its 12 colours, more than 70 colour combinations can be designed. It doesn't need UV lamp to cure and hence prevents blackening of your skin. It lasts for more than two weeks.

3) NMKL38 Dipping Powder Kit Without Lamp Cure

This nail dipping powder kit comes with a 10ml base coat, top coat, activator, nail prep (similar to a nail primer), brush saver and five dip powder colours, one piece of nail file and one piece of brush. It doesn't need UV/LED lamp for curing and hence protects skin from damage. It also prevents nails from chipping and cracking, leaving them breathable, water-resistant with no damage to the nails beds. At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.