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2022-08-08 09:03:57 By : Ms. Eva Wang

Juanita Huber-Millet, the founder of luxury salon Townhouse, breaks down the trending style.

If you’re anything like me, a trip to the nail salon is usually preceded by a frantic scroll of my Instagram saved section to try to remember the designs I had every intention of remembering the next time a manicure rolled around. It’s not a scientific approach, but it’s the cycle we’re stuck in. Alas.

This year, I’ve tried to be more intentional, seeking out designs and ideas before I set off. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful nail trends from which to siphon inspiration, especially in a city with as many talented creators and nail technicians as London. One account I find myself returning to every time is Townhouse. 

One of London’s most sought-after nail destinations, Townhouse was founded by Juanita Huber-Millet and has grown from one salon in Fitzrovia to four in total (with additional locations in Harrods, Milton Keynes and a brand new über aesthetic salon in Kensington), becoming a leader in elegant, chic nail art design.  

Interested in what cool girls everywhere were popping on their nails, I asked Huber-Millet for a breakdown of the design she’s seen explode in popularity this summer, as well as which classic styles have been making a comeback.

“One of the most requested nail art designs this summer has been our ‘Colour Pop’ design from the Townhouse SS22 Collection,” she tells me. “This design combines two classic styles: the stylish French manicure and minimal half-moon shape using an alternating colour combo for a bright but wearable summer look.”

A minimalistic approach to wearing colour, the trend follows on from the pared-back make-up and hairstyles we’ve seen take over our social media feeds in recent months. 

“Last summer was all about animal prints, from leopard to zebra, in different styles and tones. This year’s trends have more of a focus on negative space with a touch of colour. The natural nail still shines through while bringing in summer shades to elevate and brighten your look,” Huber-Millet explains.

As for the classics, there’s one manicure that is constantly reinvented but never goes totally out of fashion – the French. 

“The classic ‘Frenchie’ has remained ever popular and this year is no exception. A popular request, though, is a neon french tip, ranging from fluorescent yellows to Barbie pinks. It’s the perfect way to incorporate colour in an elegant way,” she says. 

Remember, nail design is wonderful, but we want to keep the beds underneath the loveliness as strong as possible. If you struggle with breakage or weakness, this guide to growing long, healthy nails at home will help – as will clueing up on the best tools and products to look after your cuticles.

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Main image: courtesy of Townhouse