14 Best Nail Stickers and Wraps of 2022 for Easy DIY Manicures

2022-05-07 08:26:11 By : Mr. Tony Yin

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These nail strips give you perfect DIY mani in minutes — no dry time required.

If you're anything like me, doing a DIY manicure is no easy feat. My hand shakes, I get nail polish all over my fingers and just can't figure out how to do my right hand without it looking like a 3-year-old's art project. The clean-up takes more time than the actual manicure!

Nail stickers seem to be the answer to all of our at-home manicure prayers, giving a fast and easy way to achieve a salon-caliber look in the comfort of your own home. These strips, also called nail wraps, are different from press-on nails. They're self-adhesive in a wide range of colors and patterns: Simply apply them to clean nails and go, no dry time required. Nail stickers come in both regular polish and gel formulas, so there's an option for everyone. Not only are they time- and money-saving, self-adhesive nail stickers are pretty much foolproof and should last (at least) as long as an in-salon manicure.

Now, check out the best nail sticker and wrap brands you can buy below for the easiest DIY manicure ever. You can go simple with a neutral solid, bold with a bright hue or embrace the nail art craze with fun printed stickers of all types.

In addition to countless color and print options, Color Street Nail Polish Strips are known for their ease of application and long-lasting capability. "I really like these because they work with my nail shape (a better fit than others I've tried), they were easy to file down and really lasted," says Good Housekeeping Institute Chemist Danusia Wnek. "I found these way easier than painting my own nails." One thing to look out for: the removal. You may need to soak in acetone to remove fully, rather than regular polish remover.

A gel version, these nail stickers from Dashing Diva really withstand the test of time. "They stay on for two weeks plus and if you are trying to grow your nails long, they are amazing," a Walmart reviewer shares. Plus, "your nails can't break — these strips really hold the nail in place." Super affordable with lots of fun colors and designs, what's not to love?

Get all the long-lasting, shiny benefits of gel without having to cure under a UV or LED lamp or soak off to remove. These gel nail strips from Vika Nail — a highly-rated brand on Etsy — include 38 strips so you can do the same design multiple times or a matching mani and pedi. One Etsy reviewer shares that in addition to including a free base coat, "the instructions are easy to follow." She noted that "the nails set very well," and "they look gorgeous, just like a gel mani from a salon."

If you're looking to try a French manicure but don't have the time (or patience) to let all of those layers dry, this nail sticker set from Incoco is for you. With lots of high ratings at Walmart, it comes with 16 tip and overlay strips, allowing you to find the perfect size and match for each nail. Plus, the stickers can really handle wear and tear. One reviewer shared that they stayed in great shape after she "washed her hair a few times, shoveled one ton of gravel, cleaned her house and spent a solid 30 minutes attacking some sticky residue on a window." We're sold!

Perfect for sticker newbies, these gel nail stickers by Danni & Toni are easy to apply and go on seamlessly. "The adhesives are perfect for those who are not very skilled with traditional nail polishes, they are malleable and come with a strong adhesive, but you can reposition if necessary," an Amazon user reports. Thanks to the gel formula, these can last two weeks looking just as perfect as the day you apply.

You can now customize your mani with your name, initials or zodiac sign, thanks to these high-end designer nail stickers from Base Coat. Apply a clear polish first to use as an adhesive, wet the sticker and after placing it, seal the nail with a layer (or two) of top coat. 

Fashion-forward nail wraps that stick seamlessly and are a bang for your buck? Yes, really. Amazon users love the nail wraps from Qdsuh. "These are so user friendly and aesthetically beautiful," a reviewer raved. "They stick on my gel nail and don’t slide around when I put top coat."

Created by well-known nail artist Nina Park, the boutique brand Scratch offers tons of trendy and fun designs. Many of them come with a clear background so you can use solo, or place atop your favorite polish shade. Made from five-free polish, these stickers last longer when you add a clear top coat that is not quick dry. 

These nail stickers from Ciaté London definitely live up to their "Cheat Sheet" name, as they are a cinch to apply. The cute, kitschy designs (like the fruit shown, florals, animal prints and more) make for fun fingertips that really last and stay shiny.

With 14 sheets and 196 stickers, there is truly something for everyone in Augoog's nail sticker set. Keep it classic with all one neutral shade or mix and match colors or prints for something funky — the options are endless. Plus, they are easy to apply and remove.

Best known for its game-changing at-home manicure tools and amazing selection of polishes, it's no surprise that Olive & June has a great nail sticker collection as well. From flowers to fast food, these tiny stickers (inspired by the most popular nail art designs at its salons) are the perfect addition to any manicure, or (bonus use!) apply them over any chips or smudges to extend the life of your mani.

With a formula that claims to be eight-free (meaning, free of eight toxic ingredients typically found in nail polish), vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, Mini Luxe really cares about what goes in— and stays out— of their nail stickers. The super cute designs (like the green leafy print shown) are the icing on the conscious cake.  

Inked by Dani brings the art of tattoos to your nails, no needles required. These colorful, cute tiny nail tats are hand drawn and adhere in seconds after soaking in water, the same way would apply a temporary tattoo onto your skin, and (bonus!) they can also be applied onto fingers, arms or any area of skin you choose.

All of Nails of LA's nail wraps are luxe, modern and simple, ranging from moons to geometric lines to stripes and more. We love this cool yet elegant design that would look good on any nail length. These are perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toes (or fingers) into nail art but keep it simple.