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2022-06-19 00:01:51 By : Mr. jack cui

Who would have thought that a nail clipper could be a top seller?Well, from what we see, it is possible, if it is manufactured by Xiaomi, a nail clipper can be a really attractive gadget for users and become one of the company's best-selling products.A nail clipper that does not add anything new except that it is from Xiaomi and that is why it is highly salable among users of the brand, among whom I include myself.😂🤣The Xiaomi Mijia nail clipper dominates the best-selling gadget market because it arrives with a size of 61.5 × 13.5 × 14.2 mm (it is very small) and a very light weight of about 22 grams.Its body is made of aluminium, together with an ABS plastic tank that stores the excess nails so that they can be thrown away later without having to pick up the excess part that can be thrown.Xiaomi literally said that it is capable of cutting a copper plate 2,000 times without losing sharpness, being one of the most powerful and versatile nail clippers on the market.It has not been enough for Xiaomi to say it and it demonstrates on video how its nail clipper is capable of cutting copper into hundreds and hundreds of pieces.A very good result is shown by this Xiaomi nail clipper that adds a file to the top and that we can have for only €2.74 / $3 through this Aliexpress seller.But you have to keep in mind that if your hands are very large, this nail clipper could be lost in them because it is very small compared to other nail clippers.Despite this, the Xiaomi nail clipper is a top seller and accumulates millions of units sold among Aliexpress sellers.But this nail clipper can also be found in a practical manicure set that is complemented by scissors, a stick to raise the cuticle and a file to file the nails after cutting.Xiaomi seeks to improve what was seen with its previous nail clippers and launches a complete kit called Xiaomi Mijia Nail Clipper.This complete set arrives encapsulated in an ABS plastic box with a minimalist style in which its design and delicacy stand out.Inside the Xiaomi Mijia Nail Clipper set we find two nail clippers with different cuts that allow you to cut nails in a rounded or linear way.Each of these nail clippers withstands more than 2,000 cuts as well as a 0.02mm thick cut.The entire kit has a weight of 104 grams and each piece that is inside is made of top quality materials such as food grade stainless steel.The price of this Xiaomi Mijia Nail Clipper is 39 yuan (€5 / $7) in China.If we want to get hold of this set that Xiaomi has launched, we can do it at a price of €8 from this Aliexpress seller.>> Keep up to date with offers and news on our Telegram channel <