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2022-05-21 03:41:59 By : Ms. Bella Zou

From cool blues to mystery blacks, check out the trending nail colors that are perfect for the cozy winter season. These winter nail colors are affordable, chic and a must have to amp up your style!

The art of decorating our nails dates back to 3000 BC. As a matter of fact, it was also an identification criteria to distinguish between the ruling class and the general population. Nail colors spruce up the look and feel of our hands and feet and each season we see a change in the trend of these colors and designs. While winter nail colors give us cool chills with moody shades, spring nail colors take us on a fun pastel color ride and each of them can also affect our style and look in different ways. Of course, you can always brighten those winter days with some fun nails! Get a thermal nail polish or go for a gradient or ombre-inspired look. Theme nails? Go for it! Try them all this season. After all, life is too short to live in just one boring nail color.

From new wintry takes on classic dark nail colors to unique pops of colors, the trending nail colors are anything but boring. It's offbeat, chic, sophisticated and perfect for all the sassy queens out there! From blue winter nails to dark nail colors like mystery black and metallic purples, we have got them all here for you. These cool nail colors will add some color into your life amid the dark and gloomy winter days. Get ready for a lot of sparkles, moody blue, grays, and blacks plus a few classics on the list too.

Fan of seasonal beauty trends? Then you are absolutely going to love these trending winter nail colors that are everything fun and fab. Swapping your polish stash with the seasons to contrast or match with your cold-weather clothes is a fun time pass. So grab everything from minimalist wintery white to cool blues from the list below.

Sunset Escape is a soft burnt red-orange nail color. This vegan and cruelty-free nail paint is safe to use and is a cool color that has the pop of fading summer and winter feels. Vibrant hues trending this winter also include brown, deep green, and red apart from this muted orange shade. Its quick-dry formula is also chip-resistant and will look great on your fingernails and toes. The unique shade is unique and totally eye-catching too. Just paint on two thin coats and you are ready to slay the season in style!

Almost nude color with a hint of pink, this hue suits all complexions and will gel along with everything in your wardrobe. Achieve the best salon look from the comfort of your own home with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish that lasts up to 8 days. A gentle peach hue on your nails will bring a pop of color to the dull winter days and help transition to spring and this pretty pale rose winter nail color will make your hands look complete and beautiful!

Here’s an offbeat hue that’s a blend of rust, brown and nude shade. It's a perfect winter mix color and works as a cool base color over which you can build on with artistic designs. A relentlessly ultra-adherent base coat preps the nail surface, maximizing the lifespan of a mani/pedi. Relieve yourself from the daunting decision of deciding on a nail color and lean into a classic neutral.

This cool nail color is known for its ease of application and removal. The long-lasting shade will stay put for a week without chipping. These reminiscent of a winter wonderland make an appearance as well as deep jewel tones. This is exactly the shade you should go-for for a rich navy look. The dark hue will stand out and it's a ravishing shade to opt for especially during the winter months.

Muted tones and neutral hues work all round the year. Yet the rise in trend especially during the winters. This liquid nail polish with gel-like shine is easy to apply and the curve-hugging brush will make sure of perfect coverage with each swipe. Give your nails a beautiful new look with essie winter nail color and seal it to perfection by applying a gel couture top coat.

This plummy purple would look right at home grasped around a steamy latte and even for a party night coming Sunday night. It’ll look equal parts vampy and jovial on your nails. The polish delivers a flawless, ultra-glossy finish and is definitely a trending color of the season. This winter nail color will look uber cool with contrasting monochromatic outfits. Say, a wintry white sweatsuit and this glittery purple shade on your nails. Clearly a winner look, right?

Grays are all the rage this year! With queen Zendaya proving that grays are anything but boring, the nail art enthusiast in us has adopted the color to try out cool new things with this color. It's also a stunning base color to draw wintry snowflakes and stars on. This is a metallic shade which is similar to stainless steel with a slight golden tone. It's soft and subtle and you'll love it if you are obsessed with the ‘less is more’ beauty concept.

8. Winter Nail Color Gel Polish Kit 

This winter nail color set comes with the snow-white, glitter silver, and navy blue gel nail polish that need to be cured under an LED light. These lightweight and chip resistant is a must-buy set from Amazon that you can try out through the winter season. With proper application and a protective topcoat, the polish will last up to 21 months with perfect shine. You can get all 5 of them at this deal-breaking price only from Amazon.

9. Beetles Nail Art Gel Liner 

To ace nail art you need the right products to get the precision and desired design effect. This gel liner will help you achieve that perfect swirl and curved lines in no time without much effort. These 2-piece classic black and white liner gel polish colors are made from 9 toxin-free ingredients which make it safe and have a low odor. No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails. With the built-in thin brushes in, you don't have to get out your set of brushes for adding details and lines.

Are you still worrying about finding a nail polish color suitable for autumn and winter? When in doubt, wear black! It never goes out of style and is always a stunner! It can be applied to many occasions, whether it is an office, a restaurant, or a bar, it can be perfectly integrated. With this nail polish, you no longer have to worry about changing colors for different occasions. Black nail polish is a versatile piece that every woman must have in her vanity box.

The easiest way to level-up black manicure? Make it glitter! This glittery black nail paint is sure to stand out from the crowd. You can define your own with unconventional, trans-seasonal glitter black color gel polish with this chic dark nail color. It provides rich color pigmentation that dries under the nail lamp in as little as 30 seconds. It is honestly so perfect for the winter months. The color is dark and moody and brings out the winter chills in the most stylish way!

12. Plum Red Burgundy Gel Nail Polish

A nice shade of red is another classic must-have nail color that every woman should own. If you don’t own one yet, click the buy button below without a second thought. This glossy burgundy red nail color is a stunning choice to ace in the winters. Fair thickness makes the gel color polish easy to apply, helping brush color on your nail art. This gel nail polish may cause an allergic reaction by skin contact in rare cases. It is chip-resistant and also dries as quickly as possible so you can spruce up on the go.

If you want something a little offbeat, we're obsessed with this olive. It goes perfectly with those cozy knits of the winter season. Olive green is soothing and gorgeous and represents regrowth, resiliency, and healing and is a great color that suits all skin tones and makes your nails look luxe! The nail polish is nourishing and shiny and eliminates the need for a base or topcoat. No matter which one of your hands is dominant, the revolutionary angled brush allows you to ace your manicure perfectly.

Winter nail colors ooze the mystery and sophistication of the chilly season. This glossy nail polish provides flawless coverage and outstanding durability. It also includes an exclusive easy-glide brush that fits every nail size for streak-free application. The deep red shade is also a great way to draw attention to the length and shape of your nails, and because of its simplicity, it will work well on all nail shapes and lengths. 

Here’s a snazzy color that will get you winter ready! This green-gray shade is made of natural resin which is harmless, and non-toxic. The pastel undertone in this shade is even more winter wonderland-adjacent. It's a great color and will absolutely look gorgeous on your nails. The glossy formula will also make your nails look in good shape and length. It can be a less common shade to wear, but lucky for us, it flows perfectly with nail art trends of the winter world!

Nail polish color should complement your skin tone. Some shades look great on the bottle but not on the fingers. That is why one should take a note of the season trends, your skin tone, and the personality of your outfit to pick the perfect nail color of the look. Different colors flatter different skin tones. So you should be smart to pick that one that’ll look trendy on you. Below are a few tips to remember before buying your favorite nail color shade.

1. Nudes colors tend to work best for light-coloured or medium-coloured skin complexions and is always an easy and safe option to wear for all occasions.

2. Shades of blue can help make your winter nails look happy. It is a universal color that looks great on pretty much any skin tone.

3. For tanned skin, it is best to apply bright color because it can enhance your complexion rather than using neutral shades of colors similar to your skin tone.

4. Shades like mocha, maroons, dark red or dark green will work well for dark skin tone. Avoid brighter shades like white, silver, orange as they might make your skin look dull and aged.

We hope the above article helped you find the perfect winter nail colors to ace your chilly season in style. You can also grab some spring nail colors which are usually pastels and neutrals to mix them with these wintry shades to blend a pretty color great for the transition season. Too often do we ignore caring for our hands and feet in favor of hair, body, or facial treatments. But painting them up and adding cool design aesthetics to it is a relaxing job that needs focus and practice and will also nurture your nails. These winter nail colors listed above are from Amazon and come under an affordable price range and are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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