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Picture this: You’ve been wanting to get your nails done for weeks now, but your amazing nail tech is booked for the entire month. The thought of cheating on your nail tech is tempting, but you know better than to do that because they follow you on Instagram! Worry not, we have the best must-have products to help you get the nail salon treatment—at home. 

As someone whose mother is a nail technician   (shoutout to all the nail tech mommies!), I’ve learned a lot of pointers from her and even took several nail courses on the side to learn how to do cute acrylic sets and gel manicures on myself and my friends, so I’m dropping a few gems just for you. This way, all of our at-home manicures can look as professionally done as possible. 

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All of the tools you need for the easiest trims, cleanest cuts, and sharpest shapings, are available at Amazon, of all places, and cost under $30—this includes the actual UV light that you’ll be sticking your hand in and out of. My top picks are all affordable yet effective. Below, check out the best at-home nail supplies you need to give yourself the best DIY manicure in the neighborhood.  

Preparation is key. It’s important to clean your nails and remove dead skin from the cuticles before painting over this area. When you give your nails have a fresh canvas to work with, the primer and gel polish can adhere better to the nail’s surface (thus, last longer). 

I recommend using Easkep’s Cuticle Trimmer and Pusher to effectively remove your cuticles. The tool comes with a spoon-shaped and triangle-shaped tip on each end which helps you not only push the cuticles back, but also remove any built-up residue from oils and dead skin cells that would otherwise be leftover. This trimmer is easy to use and gets to the cuticles without cutting excess skin. Made from high-grade surgical steel, which helps prevent rusting, the trimmer and pusher are built to last. And did we mention they’re rainbow-colored?! 

Nail buffers help smoothen and shape up uneven nail beds before applying gel. They also  strip the nail bed of excess oils, so your gel polish can stay on longer. My personal favorite is the Maryton Nail Buffer Sanding Block because it’s lightweight, washable, long-lasting and it comes in a pack of 10 for just $6. As always, we love a great deal! 

Like we mentioned before, preparation is the most important step to ensuring your nails are beautiful *and* durable. Gel polish can lift off of your nail bed, so it’s imperative to find a primer and dehydrator that reduces nail oils and establishes a solid foundation for your polishes to stick on. Modelone’s Nail Prep Dehydrator and Nail Primer gets the job done. 

This duo set (currently on sale for $8.99, yaaasss) kills two birds with one stone as the nail prep dehydrator strips the oils from the nail’s surface and the non-acid gel primer creates a base for gel nail application. 

Nail files are essential for shaping nails to perfection. I recommend the Markatt 100/180 Grit Nail File Kit . This pack includes 10 sturdy, double-sided and washable files for just $9.99. You can use the grittier 100 side of the file along with your buffer to remove any leftover gel polish for a previous set. The flip side of the file is ideal for smoothing out your nail edge without damaging your natural nails.

If you’re not the best at painting your nails, a gel nail base can help. Think of the nail base as a glue that helps your nail polish stay on better and for a longer time. It ensures a super pigmented, fully-coated and extra shiny finish. After applying your nail polish, seal the deal with your top coat. Beetles’ Gel Top and Base Polish Duo gives you a spotless shine that will last you up to 21 days for just $7.99! 

Now here’s the fun part! Grab your favorite shade of gel polish and get down to business! If you’re in the holiday mood, try out Beetles’ Candy Cane Gel Nail Polish Set . Beetles’ Nail Polish Set includes six of the trendiest Christmas shades in 2021 for $16.99. We love a good burgundy look with a touch of shimmery rose gold, and we know you will too! The polishes are low-odor and can last up to three weeks with proper care. 

Dry your gorgeous nails with a high-quality UV lamp to ensure that your nails are ready to go and free of any tacky residue. SUN UV’s 48W Gel Nail Light , known as “The choice of 5 million professionals,” is easy-to-use, quick drying and super affordable. The lamp comes with a smart sensor and adjustable timer of 30, 60 and 90 seconds, so you won’t have to manually adjust the settings. Once the time is up, lightly tap your nails to see if they’re dry. If they’re a bit sticky, use a gel polish cleanser to remove gel residue. 

If you’re someone who takes your hand out of the UV lamp every 2 seconds to see how everything looks *guiltily raises hands* you might run into some trouble. If your nails are not fully dry and you expose it to the air outside the lamp, you may notice some polish bubbles, lint and other particles that can ruin the whole look. Have no fear, gel cleansers are here! Grab a nail pad or a cotton ball and soak it with some gel cleanser, lightly swipe it on your nails and you’re ready to go! My fave is Mia Secret’s 8oz Gel Cleanser , which helps clean up any gel residue with a single swipe. 

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