Flame Nails Are Among The Best Nail Instagrams Of The Week

2022-05-21 03:41:34 By : Mr. Craig Yan

As beauty editors, we are constantly sourcing the best new skin care tips, trending haircuts, and makeup to wear for the next big night out. Being in the know and testing out products is one of the best parts of the job. However, nothing gets us more excited than a scroll (read: rabbit hole) through Instagram of our favorite celebrity manicurists and the lucky hands that they expertly paint. Although we have what feels like hundreds of looks saved, we wanted to share the top 10 Instagram nail posts we’ve been double-tapping all week. From flame nails and rainbows to groovy aura lacquer and embellishments and more, there’s no shortage of eye-catching manicures to inspire your inner nail artist.

Some of them include nail health tips in the comments, which is perfect for those who prefer to take the DIY route, while others give step-by-step directions on how to achieve intricate line art and patterns, and the best tools to use for a salon-worthy mani. Regardless of what style you’d like your nails to embody, from minimalist to maximalist, there is a stunning manicure below for you to admire. In other words, be prepared to swoon over your cute new nails.

“I am a long time fan of Amy Le and the way she pushes boundaries with color, shown perfectly here. The checkered prints are a great ‘90s throwback and look ultra chic when styled with equally loud jewelry.” — Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer, TZR

“Listen, nothing says spring more than petite daisies. I’ve been loving alternative French manicure tips and the pairing of the two here is everything I could ask for in a spring mani.” — NM

“This ‘90s-adjacent nail art has never looked cooler than when @Inmarinails is wielding her nail brush. Flame nails for the win.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

“Okay, technically this is a pedicure, but I can’t stop swooning over artist Hang Nguyen’s joyful nail art. The clouds, the glitter, the smiley face — it’s perfection!” — HB

“Squiggle nails are always a favorite of mine and this single shade red one is mesmerizing. It has more lines l than I'm used to seeing, but it works.” — Taylor Jean Stephan, beauty writer, TZR

There's something about warmer weather that makes me crave bright colors. This orange and pink cloud-like design is on theme for the season without looking tacky.” — TJS

“For this minimalist nail gal, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself fawning over this colorful work of art that reminds me of the oh-so-close lazy summer days approaching wearing tie dye and hanging out by the beach.” — Kathy Lee, editor in chief, TZR

“Though I always want to lean into brighter colors for summer I can’t seem to escape the allure of simple sheer baby pink nails. This design elevates the otherwise ‘boring’ mani with a minimalist half moon line design” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR

“As much as I love my trusty acrylics, I’m seriously envious of my peers with natural nails. Nail art can look seriously stunning on shorter nails, and choosing one larger motif to dominate the nail (like these super cute flowers) adds casual artsy vibes” — Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

“I’d been skeptical of just how wearable the emerging 3-D nail trend really is, but this short and sweet set with just enough raised texture might have just convinced me to see what all the fuss is about for myself. I love how the 3-D effect is limited, too — it just makes it stand out more!” —AR