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2022-05-29 02:44:54 By : Mr. Dan May

With these Cyber Monday nail polish deals you’ll save big on polish, gel nail kits, nail care products, extensions, and nail art supplies. With lipstick on the outs, unique nails have become one of the best ways to express our sense of style.

Check Out Cyber Monday’s Hottest Deals Here.

Right now you can save up to a whopping $40.80 on GHDIP’s 12-Color Nail Dip Powder Sets. Their 12-piece sets come in eight different colors palettes, each with 12 17-gram jars in stunning colors. There are lots of finishes from creams to glow-in-the-dark to glitzy glitters.

Keep in mind that this is just the powder shades and doesn’t include the base, activator, or top coats. 

Pick up your favorite shades of OPI nail polish at a discount. Right now you can find OPI polishes and nail treatments up to 30% off their normal prices. Their entire 2021 Downtown LA Collection is 20% off. 

Top and base coat sets are 29% off, and their OPI Strengthening Nail Treatment is 26% off.

You don’t want to miss this Lightning Deal for Aikker Dip Powder Nail Starter Sets up to 41% off.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started doing your own dip nails at home including eight dip powder colors, base coat, activator, and top coat. You also get some extras like a brush saver solution and a French tip basin that helps you create easier French Manicure looks. Dip nails are more durable than gel but easier than sculpting your own acrylics at home. 

Their French Tip Set is 39% off saving you $13 and their Fresh Set is 41% off.

This deal on Beetles Gel Polish Sets is a great way to stock up on your favorite colors from Beetles. This is is brand I use regularly at my house with polish I bought with my own money.

There are loads of different sets with massively slashed prices right now. The biggest price cut is this Modern Muse Collection linked above at 38% off bringing the price down to $27.99 which saves you $17. It comes with 20 stunning colors as well as a top coat, base coat, and matte top coat. CamelCamelCamel price tracker says that this set has never been this cheap until today.

You can save $17 on their Manhattan Collection, on their Cozy Campfire Collection, and  $8 on their Full Maroon Set. 

If you’re just starting out in gel nails, they have a 20-piece polish set with nail lamp bundle that’s currently $19.99 off. 

Right now this Makartt Poly Gel All-In-One Kit is 38% off for a savings of $30 off the list price, bringing down the current price to $49.99. 

It comes with everything you need for your own French Manicure poly gel nail extensions with lot of nail art extras like an organizer full of nail rhinestones and four jars of nail glitter. 

Along with the nail art extras, you get six tubes of poly gel, a mini LED nail lamp, top and base coats, 60 dual forms, sticker forms, double-ended nail tool, nail file, and slip solution.

Right now, select products in Modelones’ nail dip powder line are up to 53% off so stock up now and do your dip nails at home for all of next year. Their Dip Powder Liquid Set of full-sized activator and base and top coat bottles is 53% off at $6.99 saving you $8. 

The Modelones Dehydrator and Primer Set is 38% off and you can save $17.50 on their 24-Piece Lavender Dream Nail Powder Set.

Seche Vite Fast-Drying Top Coat is currently 38% off so it’s a great time to stock up on one of the fastest drying top coats around. This is one of my favorite top coats when I’m in a hurry because not only does it dry quickly, but it’s meant to be applied to tacky nail polish and it will dry the polish layers underneath as well, saving you lots of time and minimizing smudges and dents.

Right now, the price of select Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colors is slashed for Cyber Monday. The best deal is on the bright pink shade Redgy which is 50% off bringing the current price down to only $4.98. Their trendy mint shade Tea Party, metallic Sprinkled With Love, and glittery Quartz and Kisses are all 40% off.

Their Donut Shop Collection colors are up to 39% off and have lots of fun shades to choose from like Sprinkle and Spice, Baker’s Gonna Bake, Drive Me Glazy, and A-Dough-Able. 

Right now certain shades of Essie polish are up to a third off including the classic nude Topless and Barefoot, festive cranberry red Angora Cardi, deep navy Caviar Bar, trendy Without a Stitch.

I love Essie polishes for their high gloss, staying power, and intense pigmentation. 

For Cyber Monday, Orly nail polish is up to 44% off. Orly polish is great and I love their rubberized handles that make them so much easier to open.

Get Instagrammable nail art with this Nail Glue and Rhinestone Set from Modelones which is currently 20% off.

It comes with a five-milliliter jar of UV nail glue, a box of nail rhinestone and nail charms, and a dual-ended tool with a brush on one end and a rhinestone picker on the other. Keep in mind this glue needs to be cured by a UV or LED nail lamp. It won’t air dry like regular glue. 

This Beetles French Manicure Poly Gel Kit is on sale for 25% off which brings the final price down to $29.99 from the original $39.99.

It comes with everything you need to create your own French manicure poly gel nail extensions. I love that it includes colors to suit black and brown skin tones instead of only providing a pale pink which French tips sets do.

If you’re not sure how to use poly gel, check out my post on the best nail extension kit options for more information.

Right now, the BVCR Rechargeable Manicure Drill is 40% off for Cyber Monday. While this drill isn’t wireless, it is portable as the control box it’s wired to is a rechargeable power bank capable of running the nail drill for up to 10 hours. It has a max speed of 35,000 RPM, strong enough to remove acrylic and hard gel.

It comes with a set of metal bits and disposable sanding bands.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to finish up any holiday shopping you have left to do. This year of all years, you want to get your shopping done early because slower shipping times may cause delays, especially during early December when mail and package carriers are overworked as it is. 

Amazon Prime shipping still has some of the fastest around these days so if you need something fast consider signing up for your 30-day free trial right now. My partner has Prime and I use a separate account to buy his holiday gifts and the difference is shipping times is well, well worth it. 

You can find deals on nail polish online that you can't get in stores normally and those price cuts only get deeper during Black Friday.

Over the years, I've found that even if the polish you're finding on Amazon is the same price when bought off the brand's website, you can generally get free shipping through Amazon when you would otherwise have to pay for shipping on the brand's site so you still save money by going through Amazon. 

While you don't have the training or experience that professional nail techs have you can absolutely do an impressive manicure at home with the right tools.

More and more products are being released in more user-friendly ways making it easier for beginners to do their own gel nail polish, nail stamping art, dip nails, and poly gel nail extensions at home. 

Services that involve close contact with providers like manicures and pedicures can put you at a higher risk for picking up viruses. In my mind, it's not worth it when I can do a perfectly Instagramable manicure at home.

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